A Local Omaha Locksmith Company Providing Locksmith Services in the Entire Omaha Area


What are your business hours?

 Mobile service is available from 7:30 AM – 5:30 PM Monday – Friday. Some services are performed outside of these hours. Please call 402-676-8973 for inquiries.

 Can my existing locks be re-keyed?

 Yes, most locks can be re-keyed. We will quickly be able to determine if your lock can be re-keyed. We can also re-key locks to match existing or different keys if the lock type is the same. 

Can you re-key my locks so they all open with one key?

In many cases, yes. If you have more than one type of key (e.g. different lock manufacturers) the hardware will have to be replaced to match the locks that are the same.

I’m locked out of my home or business, can you help?

 Yes! Our locksmiths will promptly arrive at your location to assist you. We can also make keys and replace your hardware while we’re there.

 I have lost my key(s) to my home or business, can you help?

Yes! In many cases, we can decode existing locks, determining the cuts for the lost key. We can also re-key your locks to make different keys, which is the safest option.

Should I re-key my new home or business?

 Yes! Re-keying new properties is the most reliable, safest way to maximize your security. This will ensure that you have the only copies to keys that can access your property.

I have a safe that I can’t open or I have lost the combination, can you help me?

 Yes! We’ve opened hundreds of safes over the past 26 years and can help with your problem. We employ sophisticated safe equipment and techniques and will quickly gain entry.

What is Master re-keying?

 A master key system entails a series of individually keyed locks. Each lock has its own key which cannot open other locks. The master key, however, opens ALL locks in the series.

Do you offer a warranty?

 Yes! We honor manufacturer’s specifications on new locks and hardware and we offer a 30 day warranty on installation and labor.